I Help Female Emerging & Millennial Leaders Gain Confidence, Find Their Voice, & Become More Empowered 

Are you a female leader struggling with feelings of self-doubt at work? Do you have a hard time leading with confidence? When in conflict, do you shrink or run from it? 

Many female professionals silently battle under-confidence. They need ways to tackle this challenge but want to avoid discussing it with anyone at their organization. That’s where my resources and strategies come to the rescue!

Here you can discretely access Confidence building courses and a membership site (chalk-full of video trainings, exercises, and strategies!), on your own time, and from the privacy of any device. 

As a Confidence Coach, I have helped hundreds of emerging and millennial female leaders uproot their insecurities and live and work with new self-assurance. I am ready to do the same for you!





I am here to guide you with…


Learn mindset strategies that will increase your confidence, help you find and use your voice, and to manage conflict with strength. These self-paced courses are filled with immediately actionable strategies to get you working and living in a fuller more empowered way.


Join this exclusive membership site and receive Confidence building strategies, video trainings, and exercises. Phyllis continuously adds new resources, giving you everything you need to lead with confidence!

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Confidence Building Strategies

Valuable Conflict Busting Techniques


Cups of Coffee

15 Conflict Busting Questions

Discover what conflict really is, what happens to you during conflict, and 15 key questions that help you discover the real problem. get everyone listening better to each other, and focused on collaboration.

COMING SOON: The Confidence Spark Course

Learn powerful ways to build your confidence, speak with authority, lead with strength, and manage conflict head on. Step up and claim your right to feel confident and finally relinquish your self-doubts.

COMING SOON: The Conflict Quotient Course: 5 Conflict Busting Strategies

Dig deeper into why you respond to conflict the way that you do, what conflict really means, and discover 5 highly effective conflict busting strategies.

COMING SOON: The Conflict Fixer: Breaking Female Professionals Free of Work Conflict

Get unstuck from conflict with colleagues, your team, and supervisor! Learn powerful ways to stop conflict, turn it into a collaborative relationship. These strategies will get your work life back.
“Phyllis was instrumental in helping me understand my leadership style and providing me the tools to be able to navigate and flex my style to address varying situations.

With Phyllis’ perceptive observations, I also was able to gain clarity and perspective on what it truly means to be self aware and understand others.” Aliza Haftvani

Director, DC & Music Royalties, Warner Bros. Entertainment Group of Companies

“Phyllis is my rock. She provided me with much needed support when it was needed the most. She is truly an insightful and wonderful business coach.

She helped me focus my attention in areas that gave me the best return. She took the time to get to know and relate to the struggles I faced on my team.

Phyllis brought various tools and techniques to my team to helped us become better at managing our conflicts and more efficient in collaboration.

I would highly recommend Phyllis to anyone who is looking to grow their leadership skills and is interested in finding new and innovative ideas to stretch their teams.” Liza Galano

Sr. Director, Enterprise Solution Delivery, CBS Corporation

“Phyllis is an amazing sounding board and idea igniter that allowed me to grow as a leader and entrepreneur.

She excels at getting to the heart of an issue and walking you through the discovery process of finding a solution and moving forward. She is an empathetic listener and excellent communicator.

It’s been a true pleasure working with her.” Denise Muniz

Owner & Stylist, Thrity Chic

“Through her coaching, I gained confidence in driving business, was better able to manage and empower my direct reports, and found my right work-life balance.

Phyllis is a great sounding board and has an intuitive gift for identifying the root of the issue quickly.

Working with Phyllis has been a game-changer!” Anna Ryan

Regional Vice President, Arthritis Foundation