Phyllis Reagin is an acclaimed Confidence Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Auhtor.

Once an executive with a Fortune 500 entertainment studio, Phyllis knows firsthand the challenges and demands of leading with confidence and with effectively managing conflict so that her bigger purpose could shine.

From her years in leadership roles, graduate degrees in Psychology and Neuropsychology, and coaching other leaders, she learned masterful ways to help others gain greater confidence in themselves and their abilities, and strategies to overcome self-doubt found specifically in female leaders.

Phyllis teaches confidence building and conflict busting strategies to leaders Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, government offices, and entrepreneurial businesses.

Today, she shares her powerful coaching strategies in her digital courses, articles, and on stages.

After becoming a widow while 8-months pregnant, Phyllis deepened her understanding of what is required to live a life of purpose with boldness and confidence.

Phyllis is a big believer in resetting your mindset, beliefs, and expectations to achieve meaningful change and to live a life of impact.