Sometimes, you need extra support and a sounding board to help you figure out what is getting in your way and how to turn things around. Or, how to dial up your strengths to make a greater impact.

My focus as a coach is to help you develop a sense of who you are, what you can do, where you are going coupled with the ability to strengthen your purpose, meaning, influence as your embark on this journey.

You may find that you are focusing on “doing the job” and believe that leading your team should come naturally.  Coaching is a powerful way to present a safe place to reflect and contemplate your impact on who and how you are leading.

The coaching relationship is a safe space for you to discuss and open up about where you are now and where you want to go.  It provides you with opportunities to see new possibilities and to boldly step into the journey of transformation.  The value of coaching lies in the connection of heart and mind.

Your coaching sessions will be online and are accessible from any device. It’s easy to access and flexible with your busy schedule.




Want exponential growth as a Leadership team?

My online group coaching allows Leadership teams to learn highly effective peak performance strategies…TOGETHER!

Your Leadership team grows together, puts in place the same new strategies at the same time, and supports each other with mastering new approaches.

Each participant will take a variety of assessments and will learn together what the results mean, how to use the information to grow as a leader and to positively impact the team and the organization.

Before each coaching session, each participant receives articles/videos that prepares them for the upcoming session, the session then explores the new leadership topic and strategies to implement it successfully within the organization, and then homework that allows for opportunities to practice the new learning.

This 6-week Group Leadership Coaching session take place online, on a platform where everyone can see each other and interact.

My Approach to Coaching

My coaching process is a holistic and strength-based approach. I believe that a balanced and effective professional begins with a healthy person.

The coaching process will focus on deepening your awareness and understanding of your primary strengths and discovering ways to bring them forth in your leadership.

We will focus on strengthening your leadership abilities, increasing your resiliency and flexibility, and improving your tolerance for challenges and ambiguity.

I follow what I call the 4 Cs of Executive Coaching:

CAPACITY – This focuses on increasing your ability to be self-aware and to instill a growth mindset. Employing mindfulness as a personal practice, understanding deeply your intentions and values, discovering what is aligned and misaligned in your life, and recognizing your own agility and resiliency.

During this stage, you will take assessments and begin doing reflections to deepen your awareness of your strengths and opportunities for growth.

CULTIVATION – During the life of the coaching, you will learn new strategies and skills to strengthen specific areas of growth . You will be introduced to evidence-based strategies that will make you more effective, productive, and successful, building your ability to take in new ideas and new ways of being. 

You will practice new behaviors and overcome the uncomfortableness of stretching and changing.

CONFIDENCE – During this time, the focus is on building your ability to take in new information, behave in different ways, and to pivot with greater ease. You will do “mini experiments” each week to become more comfortable with new strategies and behaviors.

The focus will not be on trying to be 100 percent effective immediately. It is an opportunity to learn, whether from failing or succeeding, and to strengthen your comfort with introducing changes. Each opportunity making you a more confident professional.  

As you take actions and develop skills, you will build new “behavioral muscles,” leverage the support and resources available to you, and the skills for working through the complex challenges within today’s workplace. 

CONTINUOUS – We will create a plan together for your continued growth and success, for after the end of the coaching relationship. You will walk away knowing exactly what you need to do to sustain your new skills and behaviors.